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* Drop release v2.6.0+no-stlportJean-Michel Trivi2015-07-1514-610/+126
* Fix Mac build.Ying Wang2015-06-081-17/+0
* Fix build from stlport.Dan Albert2015-05-071-1/+0
* Remove unused CXmlElement::setComment methodDavid Wagner2015-04-242-6/+0
* Type mismatch corrections (Windows 64 bits)Patrick Benavoli2015-04-243-4/+4
* Missing error reporting statement in XML Export featurePatrick Benavoli2015-02-181-1/+2
* Adding XML format to Criteria export tuning I/FPatrick Benavoli2015-02-182-0/+15
* Audio: Remove the hack to buid a libxml2 with schemaspafonsoX2014-11-031-67/+1
* Merge pull request #20 from 01org/fix-build-issues-bisDavid Wagner2014-10-241-2/+6
| * Android: xmlserializer: Update the path to the unicode includesDavid Wagner2014-10-241-2/+2
| * declare intel as module ownerDavid Wagner2014-10-241-0/+4
* | Remove using std::XXX from headersSebastien Gonzalve2014-09-1116-107/+104
* | Remove useless cpp'sSebastien Gonzalve2014-09-114-49/+9
* Add 3-clause BSD license to CMake makefiles.Mattijs Korpershoek2014-06-301-0/+28
* Fix stlport includes in makefilesMattijs Korpershoek2014-06-301-5/+3
* Create specific targets for headers exportMattijs Korpershoek2014-06-251-0/+16
* Fix xmlserializer makefile for schema validationMattijs Korpershoek2014-06-251-0/+6
* Fix KW10 issuesEduardo Mendi2014-06-251-0/+6
* Added possibility to toggle xml validationMattijs Korpershoek2014-06-259-38/+100
* hack for compiling libxml with schemas enabledDavid Wagner2014-06-251-0/+60
* CMake: detect the XInclude feature in libxml2David Wagner2014-02-201-1/+9
* xmlserializer/CMake: fail verbosely if libxml2 is not foundDavid Wagner2014-02-191-0/+8
* CMake: add rules for installing headersDavid Wagner2014-02-181-0/+6
* CMake: beautification, fix some commentsDavid Wagner2014-02-181-1/+1
* CMake: add installation instructionDavid Wagner2014-02-171-0/+2
* Add CMake MakefilesDavid Wagner2014-02-171-0/+16
* Remove some useless LOCAL_C_INCLUDES directivesDavid Wagner2014-02-131-1/+0
* Reintroduce hardcoded include pathsDavid Wagner2014-02-131-4/+4
* Change the license to 3-clause BSDDavid Wagner2014-02-1323-406/+582
* In structure XML files, implement component library files inclusionGuillaume Denneulin2014-02-132-3/+35
* Modify include handling to comply with new plugins repoGuillaume Denneulin2014-02-121-0/+4
* fix build errorJin Wei2014-02-121-1/+1
* fix the build errorXiaokang Qin2014-02-121-0/+1
* PFW: Update CFLAGS to add Wall, Werror, Wextra everywhereFrédéric Boisnard2014-02-121-0/+10
* parameter-framework: Remove the hardcoding from TOP of treeChetan Rao2014-02-121-3/+3
* [Makefile] Fix useless CFLAGSKevin Rocard2014-02-121-4/+0
* [Makefile] Format variables to lower_snake_caseKevin Rocard2014-02-121-23/+23
* [Makefile] Append "_host" to host modules namesKevin Rocard2014-02-121-1/+1
* PFW: Add setDomainsXML command to import domains from stringGeorges-Henri Baron2014-02-1217-210/+647
* Remove no-non-virtual-dtor flagSebastien Gonzalve2014-02-124-2/+7
* Change TARGET_ERROR_FLAGS to LOCAL_CFLAGSKevin Rocard2014-02-121-3/+3
* PFW: Delete useless libstdc++ includesKevin Rocard2014-02-121-1/+0
* [xml serializer] Make xmlserializer lib staticKevin Rocard2014-02-121-2/+2
* [xml serializer] Add support for host buildKevin Rocard2014-02-121-18/+53
* PFW: Fix missing space before := in makefilesKevin Rocard2014-02-121-4/+4
* PFW: Remove useless export date on top of settings XML fileGuillaume Denneulin2014-02-122-20/+0
* PFW: Prevent crash if subsystem structure missingFrédéric Boisnard2014-02-123-3/+22
* PFW: Report error for unknown element in settingsGeorges-Henri Baron2014-02-121-4/+2
* PFW: Add two commands to print xml settings and structureGeorges-Henri Baron2014-02-1218-271/+622
* PFW: Remove names from PFW license headerKevin Rocard2014-02-1212-84/+12