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It doesn't have any effect anyway.
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| Please use GPG encryption, so you won't send out digital postcards all the time. My GPG key can be found `here <./extras/gpgpub.asc>`__ or you can get it from a keyserver such as The key should have the following fingerprint: 0F30 D1A0 2F73 F70A 6FEE 048E 5816 A24C 1075 7FC4.
| If you are new to mail encryption: `This <>`__ is a very good introductory guide. If you want to go a step further and follow best practices, have a look `here <>`__.
-It's pointless to send me spam, so save yourself some time and do meaningful things
-instead. I have set up quite rigorous filters and won't read your junk in any case.
I'm also available via Jabber/XMPP upon request. You may additionally find me on a few of the popular IRC networks. My nick is wiewo.