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* hostapd_cli: Use os_exec() for action script executionHEADmasterJouni Malinen2015-10-201-17/+8
* wpa_cli: Use os_exec() for action script executionJouni Malinen2015-10-201-17/+8
* Add os_exec() helper to run external programsJouni Malinen2015-10-203-0/+68
* P2P: Validate SSID element length before copying itJouni Malinen2015-10-171-0/+1
* Add WFD dev info in device found eventIrfan Sheriff2012-12-141-2/+13
* WFD: Add preliminary WSD request processing and responseJouni Malinen2012-12-141-0/+62
* WFD: Add support for sending Wi-Fi Display service discovery requestsJouni Malinen2012-12-148-0/+156
* WFD: Add wfd_subelems hexdump in BSS ctrl_iface command outputJouni Malinen2012-12-142-0/+27
* wpa_supplicant: enable Wi-Fi display configVishal Mahaveer2012-12-141-0/+2
* WFD: Add Wi-Fi Display supportJouni Malinen2012-12-1420-23/+1023
* wpa_supplicant: enable mr/mc by defaultIdo Reis2012-12-131-2/+2
* Merge commit 'ol_r8.a5.06' into p-jb-mr1-releaseVishal Mahaveer2012-12-1120-47/+210
| * P2P: Fix broken rx action frame handling (INTERNAL-SQUASH)Eyal Shapira2012-11-133-4/+18
| * wpa_s: don't accumulate delayed sched scan requests (UPSTREAM)Victor Goldenshtein2012-11-131-0/+3
| * wpa_s: restart sched scan on channel list changeVictor Goldenshtein2012-11-131-0/+7
| * Avoid sched scan flood in case of mismatched security (UPSTREAM)Eyal Shapira2012-11-121-2/+13
| * nl80211: add support for DRIVER COUNTRY commandVishal Mahaveer2012-11-111-0/+2
| * hostapd: enable dynamic modification of acl policyNadim Zubidat2012-11-065-2/+105
| * P2P: Fix duplicate handling of rx action frames (UPSTREAM)Eyal Shapira2012-11-051-0/+6
| * android: wpa_s template: set p2p_go_max_inactivity to 60s (ANDROID)Eyal Shapira2012-11-021-1/+1
| * P2P: cancel action frame offchan wait after recv go neg resp (UPSTREAM)Eyal Shapira2012-11-021-1/+1
| * P2P: set P2P_GO_MAX_INACTIVITY to 100sIgal Chernobelsky2012-11-011-1/+1
| * Don't disable and select new network if SETBAND didn't change (ANDROID)Eyal Shapira2012-10-291-4/+14
| * Trigger sched scan on wpa_s init if enabled networks (INTERNAL)Eyal Shapira2012-10-291-5/+2
| * android: wpa_s template: enable concurrent_sched_scan (ANDROID)Eyal Shapira2012-10-291-0/+1
| * Allow concurrent normal scan and sched scan (UPSTREAM)Eyal Shapira2012-10-294-2/+15
| * Avoid normal scans before sched scan if max_scan_ssids=1 (UPSTREAM)Eyal Shapira2012-10-291-0/+5
| * Disable p2p on wlan0 (JB)Eyal Shapira2012-10-291-0/+5
| * P2P: Allow P2P functionality to be disabled per interfaceJouni Malinen2012-10-294-1/+10
| * Revert "Add P2P IEs to probe requests only when in P2P (UPSTREAM)"Eyal Shapira2012-10-295-27/+1
| * P2P: speed up scans when connecting to persistent GO (UPSTREAM)Eyal Shapira2012-10-291-1/+2
| * wpa_s: fix bss selection on identical SSIDs with WEP+AES/TKIPVictor Goldenshtein2012-10-291-1/+1
| * P2P: cancel action frame offchan wait after recv go neg confEyal Shapira2012-10-241-0/+1
* | Add delimiter for bss commandIrfan Sheriff2012-10-241-0/+7
* | Merge commit 'ol_r8.a4.04' into d-jb-releaseVishal Mahaveer2012-10-168-8/+82
|\ \ | |/
| * P2P: Don't delete group on non P2P interfaces (UPSTREAM)Eyal Shapira2012-10-101-0/+24
| * android: wpa_s template: disassoc on low ack by default (ANDROID)Arik Nemtsov2012-10-031-0/+1
| * P2P: block find if P2P GO or CLI are active (INTERNAL)Eyal Shapira2012-09-301-0/+20
| * Revisit "nl80211: dummy DRIVER SETBAND handler"Vishal Mahaveer2012-09-281-3/+3
| * wpa_s: handle channel conflicts on GO+STA shared interfaceVictor Goldenshtein2012-09-271-0/+6
| * nl80211: dummy DRIVER SETBAND handlerVishal Mahaveer2012-09-251-0/+3
| * P2P: correct p2p_mult_chan operation (SQUASH)Arik Nemtsov2012-09-251-1/+1
| * android: wpa_s template: allow p2p multi channel operation (ANDROID)Arik Nemtsov2012-09-241-0/+1
| * P2P: add conf param to prefer p2p multi channelArik Nemtsov2012-09-244-7/+22
| * P2P: fix oper channel selection (SQUASH)Arik Nemtsov2012-09-241-1/+2
| * P2P: don't handle concurrency conflicts in multi-chan mode (ANDROID)Arik Nemtsov2012-09-241-0/+3
* | Merge commit 'ol_R5.SP3.01' into d-jb-releaseVishal Mahaveer2012-09-2016-181/+479
|\ \ | |/
| * nl80211_copy: update from latest 12xx drv (INTERNAL)Arik Nemtsov2012-09-131-0/+26
| * nl80211: add channel switch ability to AP & GO (INTERNAL)Victor Goldenshtein2012-09-131-4/+69
| * hostap: add channel switch ability to AP & GO (INTERNAL)Victor Goldenshtein2012-09-1311-3/+158