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Update README and AUTHORS, mentioning donation
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-The primary author of this project is:
+The original author of this project was:
- [Daan Debie](https://github.com/DandyDev) aka `DandyDev`
@@ -13,5 +13,4 @@ And Pelican Bootstrap 3 would not have been possible without the outstanding con
- [Mike Abrahamsen](https://github.com/mikeabrahamsen) aka `mikeabrahamsen`
- [Leonardo Giordani](https://github.com/lgiordani) aka `lgiordani`
-(For a full contribution overview [look here](https://github.com/DandyDev/pelican-bootstrap3/graphs/contributors).
-If you name is missing, please tell me!) \ No newline at end of file
+It has been donated to the Pelican community in April 2016 \ No newline at end of file
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-### CURRENT STATUS: Due to a busy work schedule, I've been unable to commit to this project for the past 6 months. The planning is to pick up work for this project near the end of Jan 2016. Thanks for your patience!
# pelican-bootstrap3
-This is a Bootstrap 3 theme for Pelican. It's fully responsive. Pelican-bootstrap3 is compatible with Pelican 3.3.0 and
-higher. I will try to regularly update this theme with new features and newer versions of Bootstrap & Bootswatch.
+This is a Bootstrap 3 theme for Pelican, originally developed by [DandyDev](https://github.com/DandyDev).
+It's fully responsive and contains sub-themes from the Bootswatch project.
+Pelican-bootstrap3 is compatible with Pelican 3.3.0 and higher.
-If you want to adjust this theme to your own liking, I encourage you to fork it. This theme has started to gather more
+If you want to adjust this theme to your own liking, we encourage you to fork it. This theme has started to gather more
and more attention in the form of stars and forks. If you make improvements that are useful to others and can make the
theme better in general **please don't hesitate to make a pull request**. For contributing guidelines, [look here](CONTRIBUTING.md)
@@ -300,7 +299,7 @@ SIDEBAR_IMAGES = ["/path/to/image1.png", "/path/to/image2.png"]
## Live example
-[This is my website](http://dandydev.net)
+[This is the website of the original author](http://dandydev.net)
If you want more examples of what you could do with this theme, have a [look here](EXAMPLES.md).